30ml flask for nicotine mixes

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30ml empty flask with makers. Ideal for e-liquid/nicotine mixes

A Remix juice innovation. All you need to know about Remix Juice

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For your mix, you'll need :

  • a nicotine free e-liquid (Remix, MYs Vaping, Délices de Kenza or Grenadine for example)
  • a nicotine booster 20mg
  • a flask

You'll find below the label that will be delivired pasted on the flast. The markers are self-explanatroy.


For example, if you'd like to make an e-liquid at 6mg, poor the nictoine booster till the "6mg/ml" mark, or one full booster, then fill up to the "30ml" mark with your nictoine free e-liquid. 

Shake well to mix them up. You are now ready to vape your e-liquid with nicotine !

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