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CBD Mango Kush

CBD Mango Kush

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A surprising marriage - succulent mango with aromatic terpenes. But boy does it work ! Kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

Due to restrictions from some financial institutions in regards to payment of CBD products, this product can only be paid by bank transfer

▪️Terpenes rich ▪️ No nicotine ▪️ No THC ▪️ Non psychoactive ▪️ CO2 Extraction ▪️

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  • 1000 mg

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What is CBD?

The cannabis plant contains more than 100 constituent chemicals known as cannabinoids. The two primary chemical constituents among these are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which makes up the psychoactive part of the plant and CBD (cannabidiol). Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD exhibits no psychoactive effects.


Whilst the production of CBD is prohibited in France, its sale and use is entirely legal. One can, therefore, freely buy, possess and consume CBD throughout France.


Products containing CBD are not suitable for minors, those suffering from cardiovascular problems, or pregnant  and breast-feeding women. CBD products should be kept away out of reach of children.


Recent years have seen groundbreaking work being undertaken across the world on the extraction and production of CBD, particularly in the United States. Having mastered the ar of blending flavours and aromas at their French e-liquid factory, Panda Kush have developed a product which uses extra-pure, American-made CBD as its base, skilfully blended to create a premium CBD product of exceptional quality and purity.


100% natural e-liquid containing: vegetable glycerin (VG) ; propylene glycol (PG) ; naturally-derived CBD crystals ; terpene aromas. CBD liquid contains no nicotine.


CBD e-liquid can be vaped on its own or mixed with other flavoured e-liquids. CBD liquid is slightly thicker than conventional e-liquids as it is 60% VG.

We don't use solvants to fix the CBD oil to the liquid. An oil layer may appear on top. We advise to shake the bottler well before use so as to mix the oil with the liquid.

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