Bō One Engraved Gold Edition - Lifetime Warranty

Bō One Engraved Gold Edition - Lifetime Warranty

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The PACK includes :

- an e-cig Bō One Engraved Gold Edition

- a USB charger

- 3 Bō Caps in 8mg (Mango + Polar Mint + Blond Tobacco)

A strikingly unique design in a strikingly unique device. Drawing on timeless motifs from historical myth and legend, elegantly engraved to bring both pleasing tactility and peerless aesthetic beauty to the Bō.

BO vaping is the electronic cigarette that anyone wishing to quit smoking. You can expect :

Bō One Engraved Gold Edition - Lifetime Warranty - by Bō Vaping

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Awarded Best electronic cigarette of the year 2017 by VapingPost


Each kit is made of one e-cigarette Bō,  a magnetic USB plug for charging your e-cig on computer, tablet, TV,....


Choose from your flavour from our vast array of Caps


This e-cig can be charged by placing it (magnet) on the provided USB plug. A very well thought and finished product. Use max 1A USB plug.

ACCESSORIES (additional)

Our powerful charging station Bō Power features a 1500mAh battery life that can charge your device up to 4 times via a micro USB connection. With a removable black faux leather cover, it also serves as a storage case for your Bō One and 1 extra cap.

Our USB Cable charger gives you the freedom to charge your device anywhere you want — your home, your computer, and your car. The 70cm cord enables you to vape while charging.


We are so confident in our product quality that every Bo One benefits from a Lifetime Warranty. Details on www.bovaping.com

Built-in battery
380 mAh
22 g
Power Connection
USB Dock (included)
Recommended plug
Max 1A
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