What is Remix Juice ?

Remix Juice e-liquids are :

  • without nictoine
  • sold in big quantities (50ml, 100ml or 200ml)
  • imported from the USA, Malaysia or made in France

What are the advantages of Remix Juice e-liquids ?

Value for money
Thanks to this system, get your e-liquid at the right price starting from  3,23 € per 10ml instead of 5,90 € for a standard 10ml bottle. A 45% saving !

All Remix Juice e-liquids are without diacetyl and are controlled in laboratory. Safety data sheets are available upon request

Choose your own nicotine strength
You may vary your nicotine strength as you wish. Though it is technically possible to make high nicotine strength, it is recommended not to exceed 6 mg/ml. A higher strength would result in a loss of flavours. You'll find below a few "how to" for your nicotine mixes

How to go about your nicotine mixes for your e-liquid Remix Juice?

You may vary your nicotine strength as you wish.

nicotine booster (sold separately)  should be mixed with your nicotine free Remix Juice e-liquid.

For your mix, you'll need :

  • A nicotine free Remix Juice e-liquid
  • A (or more) nicotine booster
  • An empty flask for the mix (free of charge for any purchase of Remix Juice e-liquid and nicotine booster)

You'll find here the label with markers that will come pasted on the empty flask. The markers are self explanatory 

Etiquette flacon mélangeur Remix Juice

For example, if you'd like to make an e-liquid at 6mg/ml strength, poor the nicotine booster till the "6 mg/ml" mark, or a full booster, then fill up till the "30ml" mark with your nicotine free Remix Juice.

How many nicotine boosters should you plan for your e-liquid Remix Juice?

If you buy a 50ml Remix Juice, you'll need :

1 nicotine booster for 3mg/ml strength

2,5 nicotine boosters for 6mg/ml strength

If you buy a 100ml Remix Juice, you'll need :

2 nicotine boosters for 3mg/ml strength

5 nicotine boosters for 6mg/ml strength

If you buy a 200ml Remix Juice, you'll need :

4 nicotine boosters for 3mg/ml strength

10 nicotine boosters for 6mg/ml strength