Bō One Infinite - Mystic edition - Lifetime Warranty Bō One Infinite - Mystic edition - Lifetime Warranty 2
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Bō E-cigs

Bō One Infinite - Mystic edition - Lifetime Warranty

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€55.92 €69.90
LIFETIME WARRANTY. a strikingly unique design in a strikingly unique device. Drawing on timeless motifs from historical myth and legend, elegantly engraved to bring both pleasing tactility and peerless aesthetic beauty to the Bō, the Bō Mythic comes complete with a luxurious silk case for that extra touch of indulgence. Vape the legend. BO vaping is the...
E-cigarette Box TRAXX Black...
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Box & Mod

E-cigarette Box TRAXX Black Edition

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€67.15 €79.00
Make some space for TRAXX, a box with a real temper. Its sportive appearance allows to reveal a true ambition for power. Indeed, the prominent sides hide two batteries in series, insuring you with a stable tension and giving some dynamic to your set ups. Thanks to the potentiometer and to the discret screen, you will have the possibility to easily choose...
Bō Discovery Pack - Lifetime Warranty
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Bō E-cigs

Bō Discovery Pack - Lifetime Warranty

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€49.90 €78.15
Unsure of which flavour to go for? Then why not just try them all? Awarded Best electronic cigarette of the year 2017 by VapingPost Discover the entire Bō range elegantly packaged in a single convenient kit, available at an unbeatable price. The Bō Discovery Pack offers everything that novice and veteran vapers alike could need to embark upon their Bō...
E-cigarette Arex Stainless E-cigarette Arex Stainless 2
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Full kits

E-cigarette Arex

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€36.47 €42.90
SIMPLICITY, PERFORMANCES AND DISCRETION Enter a world of simplicity and performance with the AREX kit™.A compatible subohm battery in a reduced format for less inconveniences. A perfect match for all fans of abundant vaping. The airflow ring allows you to adjust simply the quantity of air entering in the tank. Simple again when it comes to the charging...
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